Market making

Building healthy organic liquidity in customers' markets, decentralized, and centralized exchanges is what we see as a long-term goal of market making

The solution is ideal for:

Token issuers

We provide help to achieve market dynamics suitable for the project and attract new traders, to boost a chance of getting the best listing offers

Depending on the tasks, the strategy can be optimized for:

  • Building organic liquidity
  • Maximizing profit


A high-quality and healthy liquidity structure is the main aspect of an exchange. You will be able to create the best conditions for deployed projects and will no longer worry about: empty order books, markets with rare trades and unnatural price charts.

Venture funds

We will be happy to provide market making support for projects in which you believe.

We are glad that our trading system includes:

  • High throughput engine for exchange event processing
  • Low latency colocation
  • Own b-c nodes for the best latency accessing mempool